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Background screening is what we do;
peace of mind is what we provide.

Background Screening Services

Certified Hire is designed to help homeowners pursue a positive experience, by offering them a screening standard that allows for nothing less than their peace of mind.

Yet, even the most extensive precautionary measures will leave you unprepared if you invite the wrong person into your home. Certified Hire is a screening service designed for a very specific audience: you, the homeowner.


Our Screening Process

When it comes to protecting our families and our homes, we take every precaution: we join neighborhood watch programs, we install high tech security systems and pay monthly subscription fees to have them monitored 24/7, we educate our children about safety risks and do our best to help them integrate these lessons into their lives.

You will rely on a number of service providers throughout the course of owning a home, including plumbers, painters, landscapers, groundskeepers, cleaning personnel, indoor and outdoor repair professionals, technical support and more. Before you hire someone to do work in or around your home, request that he or she pass our Certified Hire background check.  An ideal candidate will take your concerns seriously and willingly volunteer a clear record.

Certified Hire sets the standard for all service providers. This means that every service provider, regardless of occupation or company, must meet the same criteria in order to pass our Certified Hire background check. A homeowner's service needs might vary, but his or her safety and security needs never change. We do not modify our screening conditions from company to company because at the end of the day, people of all trades and skills must fulfill your screening requirements, as well as your service requirements.

Background Screening

We help homeowners make informed decisions about who they hire to do work in and around their homes. Certified Hire investigates on behalf of the homeowner by addressing the homeowner's core question:

Can I trust the person coming to our home?

For 20 years, our development as a screening company has been guided by the changing needs and circumstances of our clients. Certified Hire is a screening solution tailored specifically to the needs of homeowners, who more and more, want the same assurances that businesses obtain by way of a formal hiring process.

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"Certified Hire"
Seal of Approval

Certified Hire Seal of Approval

Service providers who place our seal of approval on their website are letting you know that according to our professional standard, their employee(s) have a clear and complete profile. Our seal of approval is our stamp of accountability to you.

We don't just tell you that their employees have been successfully screened, we show you.

We update this profile every year by annually reviewing every member of the Certified Hire Seal of Approval program.

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