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Background Screening Services

Businesses nowadays want to cultivate lasting relationships with service providers they can trust. Similarly, today's contractors want to acquire customers that will call again and perhaps even make referrals.

Why Screen?

Since any service provider can match your rates and offerings, you must distinguish yourself by taking a dual approach: one that meets the businesses apparent service needs, as well as their deeper safety needs.

Price is not the only thing
influencing the business owners decision…

We recently conducted a survey in an effort to assess the need for screening within the business-service provider relationship. The majority of our respondents indicated that they would feel more at ease bringing a verified service provider into their home.

Based on our results, we believe that by and large, businesses want assurance in advance. They want to know that the person who has come to do work is a qualified and verified professional; they want service representatives to go through background checks before they come through the door.

Business Leader Survey Results

would feel more comfortable about having a service worker in their facilities knowing that he or she had undergone a background check in advance. 
of those respondents, said they would feel a great deal more comfortable knowing that service companies had a background checking process in place.
feel it's equally important where service representatives worked (inside the facilities versus outside the facilities) and whether it influenced their feelings about the importance of criminal background checking.
expected service providers to always know the employee’s experience and specialized knowledge, as well as their criminal background.
versus 23% of businesses with a sensitive population compared to those without) would pay more for a service provider that performed background checks on all employees.
would pay more for a service provider that conducted background checks on all its employees.


Reasons why some homeowners have heightened safety concerns

43% of participants indicated that their safety concerns had increased in the last couple years. We asked these respondents what had elevated their level of concern; this chart (left) shows a complete breakdown of responses.

This elevated concern was often attributable to some connection to a negative experience involving a Service worker: among said respondents, 60% reported having read or heard about crimes committed by home service representatives while working in or around company facilities.

*Please note that the sum of percentages might exceed 100 due to multiple responses.


A nationwide sample of phone numbers belonging to businesses was purchased from a professional sampling service. The sample group was selected from four regions across the country: East, Central, South and West. 100 interviews were conducted in each region; ultimately, 400 interviews were completed from June 26 – July 30, 2013, resulting in statistical reliability at the 95% confidence level and standard deviation of ± 4.9%.

All interviewing took place at the Olson Phone Center in order to ensure consistent and accurate data collection. The Olson facility, equipped with a silent monitoring system, enabled supervisors to observe 10 to 15 percent of each interviewer's work per shift. First, completed questionnaires were organized by said supervisors, who clarified open-ended responses and recorded structured responses; then, completed and organized questionnaires were sent to a data processing department, where all response information was entered into a database and processed using SPSS software. The data was interpreted using multivariate analysis, and a written report of the findings – based on 400 interviews with businesses across the nation – was presented.